let me present you Mouzeegadget

3D printed personalized gadgets to let people remeber you

...and a "turn-key" solution

About us

The idea is simple

Every gadget has a history, even the cheapest one, no matter what it is and 3D printing allows us to give a personal touch to every single thing. We brand companies in a way they will never forget.

  • Mission - We deliver uniqueness based on the customer requests
  • Skills - Design, production, packaging and more... all in one place
  • Clients - Satisfied clients thanks to our persistance

Meet our team

Take a look at our services


You tell us what's the feeling that you want to express with the gadget, we study how to do it


We propose prototypes, you can call us and give us feedback. No design is fixed, you can always change it


Take a photo of what you like, through re-engineering we can re-create that


Isn't that enough? We can offer you a "turn Key" solution of comunication strategy



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